10 Severance Pay Negotiation Tips

If you are evaluating a severance agreement, you should consider speaking to one of the experienced severance lawyers at Ottinger Employment Lawyers.  

The video below provides some insight into the key terms in a severance package.  

We offer a severance agreement review and strategy session for $750.

A self-help guide to negotiating your own severance package.

No time to watch a video? You can also read the ten tips below:

  1. Delay separation date
  2. Negotiate payment terms
  3. Collect unpaid expenses
  4. Ask for more money
  5. Extend health benefits
  6. Avoid obligations to pay back the employer
  7. Avoid obligations to seek new employment
  8. Ask for no contest to unemployment claims
  9. Ask for a job reference
  10. Eliminate non-compete clause

For more details on severance pay negotiation tips, speak to our knowledgeable employment attorneys.

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