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We are California employment lawyers focusing on assisting employees and executives.

Our California employment attorneys handle all employment-related matters including contract and severance negotiations, wrongful termination, commission and bonus disputes, wage & hour class actions, sexual harassment, and discrimination claims.

We represent people at all levels from C-suite executives and middle managers to hourly workers. 

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We represent employees and executives in all matters including:

California Meal and Rest Break Violation Attorneys

California employers are required to provide non-exempt employees with meal and rest breaks. If they are not provided, the employer must provide you with one extra hour of pay for each missed break.

California Minimum Wage Violations Lawyers

As of 2020, the minimum wage in California is $12 per hour. Certain cities, such as Los Angeles and San Francisco have higher minimum wages, $14.25, and $15.59, respectively.

Click here for more on minimum wages in California.

California Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys

Employers cannot fire or otherwise mistreat you for being pregnant or having a baby.

Employers are also required to provide reasonable accommodations to make work possible while you’re pregnant such as longer breaks and time to see the doctor.

California Sales Commission Disputes Attorneys

Did you close a large transaction and lose your commission? This is a common occurrence in California and we have helped people recover unpaid commissions.

California Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is still a common part of working life for many people. Our California employment lawyers can help you through it and stop the harasser.

California Disability Discrimination Lawyers

It’s illegal to fire or otherwise mistreat an employee on account of their disability. If you have lost your job because of a disability, please call us to see if we can help.

Independent Contractor Misclassification Attorneys in California

Are you an employee or an independent contractor? If you are misclassified as an independent contractor you will lose out on overtime pay, breaks, and other benefits that can add up.

Call our California employment lawyers to see if you have been misclassified. This page will help you understand the difference: Independent Contractor versus Employee

California Overtime Pay Lawyers

All hourly workers, and even some salaried workers, are entitled to overtime pay in California. You are entitled to overtime pay if you work more than 8 hours in a day or more than 40 hours in a week.

Contact us if you are not receiving overtime pay for those extra hours.

Wrongful Termination Lawyers in California

Has your employer fired you for an illegal reason? Wrongful termination cases can produce large settlements. Our employment lawyers in California can help.

California Severance Package Lawyers: The Ultimate Guide for Executives

We help executives review and negotiate severance packages. Please contact us if you would like assistance with a severance agreement.

California Expense Reimbursement Lawyer

Not only are you entitled to recover business expenses, but you are also entitled to receive interest on the amounts you spent to carry out your employment duties.

California Separation Agreements Lawyer

If you work in California and are concerned about how to handle your employee separation agreement, contact our office today to set up a review and consultation.

California Hostile Work Environment Lawyers

No matter your job, some amount of workplace conflict is a normal, if unpleasant, part of professional life. Sometimes, though, situations arise that are more distressing and offensive than a regular interpersonal dispute.

California FMLA Attorneys

Unfortunately, employers often misunderstand or misuse the FMLA, denying California employees their legally-entitled medical leave or punishing them unfairly for exercising their right to request it.