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When the relationship between an employer and employee goes sour, it is often riddled with issues worthy of legal intervention.

If you are overwhelmed by a work-related problem, you are not alone, and we can provide you with a good advocate.

Ottinger Employment Lawyers is a highly-rated employment law firm in Los Angeles providing legal counsel to employees and executives.

Our California employment lawyers have represented thousands of employees in almost every industry in the area and won millions in settlements.

We handle a wide range of employment-related legal disputes. Contact us to see how our employment attorneys can help your case.

Employment Lawyers Who Work Hard to Earn Your Trust

We can represent clients in Los Angeles and throughout California in any type of employment law matter, including:

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Your employment dispute can end with a trial award or a settlement.

Either way, our employment lawyers have the skills and experience to maximize your recovery and put you at ease throughout the process.

California Wage & Hour Violations

Wage theft is an epidemic in the Los Angeles area. It is estimated that Los Angeles low-wage workers lose over $1.4 billion per year to wage theft.

Wage theft comes in many forms, including when an employer:

  • Fails to pay minimum wage,
  • Ignores rest and meal break laws,
  • Fails to pay overtime or pays insufficient over time,
  • Bounces a paycheck,
  • Refuses to pay split-shift premiums, 
  • Fails to pay or provide promised wages or benefits, or
  • Neglects to pay final wages on time.

You can assert your right to proper and timely payment through the U.S. Department of Labor, the California Labor Commissioner’s Office, or a civil lawsuit.

Compared to the federal government, California generally has the laws that are most favorable to employees. 

Our firm can recover your wages and benefits in whichever legal arena you choose. Our track record proves that we are ready and effective.

We have helped thousands of workers in California recover millions in unpaid wages and penalties.

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers also help workers recover unpaid premiums for missed meals and rest breaks.

Los Angeles Employment Best Lawyers – Discrimination and Harassment

Sexual harassment and employment discrimination are rampant in Los Angeles.

Both the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing take discrimination and harassment seriously.

They hold offending employers to account. Mistreated employees can also seek vindication in civil court. 

Harassment and discrimination cases can be difficult to litigate or settle.

Fortunately, our Los Angeles employment attorneys have decades of experience and can handle even the most complex work disputes. 

We have successfully sued some of the largest companies in the world on behalf of thousands of employees.

If you have been mistreated at work, our employment attorneys in Los Angeles, California may be able to assist you.

Contact Us Schedule your consultation today.

Family Rights and Medical Leave

State and federal employee rights also include rights to take time off for important family events and medical needs.

The U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) codify these rights. 

Many employees are entitled to job protection while they take leave to handle serious personal and family matters.

In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 89% of civilian workers and 94% of state and local government workers had access to unpaid family leave in 2021.

And if an employer fires you for taking leave in accordance with the FMLA or CFRA, that is unlawful retaliation.

Life events that qualify under state or federal leave laws vary. If you have any confusion about whether you are eligible to request job-protected leave, speak to an attorney immediately.

A skilled attorney can help you identify all your rights and obligations under the leave laws so you can protect your time off and make the most of it.  

What Are the Legal Fees?

Please do not let fears about cost keep you from at least speaking to an attorney during tough times.

We work with many clients to find affordable payment options for our services.

We use flexible fee agreements including contingency fees, flat fees, and hourly fees.

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Each employment case is different, so an attorney who has seen almost every kind of scenario is your best champion.

Our employment law attorneys at Ottinger Employment Lawyers have handled almost every kind of employment case, and we have multiple decades of combined experience.

We also know how to persevere, which is exactly what you need when asserting your rights in a workplace dispute. 

Our Los Angeles employment lawyers are here to treat you well and win the results you need.

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