A severance agreement is an important legal document that can impact your life and your career. Severance packages, and the situations in which they arise, vary greatly. Some agreements are fair and balanced and do not need substantial modification. Others need to be re-negotiated.

We review your severance package and then meet with you over the phone to go over it. We point out any issues and suggest modifications. In most cases, that is all you need. But if major changes are necessary we go further and negotiate the modifications and charge our hourly rate of $550 for that work.

We have been helping executives with severance packages since 1999.

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Our hourly rate is $550.00 and Robert Ottinger’s hourly rate is $650.00. We charge a flat fee of $750 for the Severance Package Review & Consultation.

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Two-Part Severance Process

Review and Consultation

The first step in the process is a Review and Consultation.

You send us your severance agreement and we review it. Then we meet with you, on the phone or in person, to go over it with you. We explain the agreement, answer your questions, make suggestions and determine if its possible to negotiate better terms for your severance package. We charge a flat fee for the Review & Consultation.

Severance Negotiation

The second step is Severance Negotiation.

If we determine that better terms can be negotiated, you can hire us to negotiate on your behalf. We then contact the appropriate representative at your company (usually in-house or outside counsel) and negotiate new terms.

We charge a flat fee to negotiate. Some cases take a few hours to conclude, others take more time. In most cases, the increase in value that we obtain greatly exceeds the legal fee that we charge, but we cannot guarantee results.

Ottinger’s Top 10 Tips for Negotiating Severance Pay