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New York Employment Lawyers
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Established in 1999, Ottinger Employment Lawyers fight for the rights of New York employees and executives. Our New York employment lawyers handle executive and employee cases, focusing on sexual harassment, wrongful termination, severance packages, and non-compete agreements. With a proven track record of recovering over $450 million for clients, their experienced trial lawyers are dedicated to achieving strong results.

We focus on resolving employment disputes without resorting to litigation. In our experience, the best results can often be negotiated and we have developed the ability to obtain excellent results for our clients without the hassle, expense and delay associated with litigation.  

We handle all employment cases in all industries and have offices in New York City. We also have offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The guides below will help you understand your rights as an employee in New York City.

If you have questions about any area of employment law in NYC that is currently affecting you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us online for a flat-rate consultation or call 347-492-1904.

Our New York Employment lawyers are ready to assist you in any employment matter.

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Why Choose the Attorneys at Ottinger Employment Lawyers

Ottinger Employment Lawyers is the leading employment law firm in New York City for employees and executives. We have extensive employment law knowledge dealing with non-compete agreements.

Our firm has been handling employment cases in New York City since 1999 and an experienced legal team can help you solve your employment matter.

We help executives with severance agreements, non-compete issues, and compensation disputes over commissions and bonuses.

Since 1999, our New York employment lawyers have been trusted and recommended by New York employees and executives.

We have earned this trust by delivering outstanding results and customer service.

Similarly, our firm represents people in all industries and has extensive experience in the financial, entertainment, and technology sectors.

We have been recognized for our ability to obtain outstanding results for our clients:

  • Super Lawyers,
  • American Bar Association,
  • National Employment Lawyers Association, and
  • New York State Bar Association.

Contact Our New York Employment Lawyers for Assistance

Reach out to our employment attorneys in NYC by sending us a message or calling our firm at 347-492-1904 to see if we can help you. 

Here are directions to our New York office (Midtown Manhattan).

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