How to Fetch a Better Severance Package

Severance Package Negotiation Tips

My dog Miller loves to play fetch on the beach.   It struck me that playing fetch has some similarities to a severance package negotiation.   In this video, you can see Miller playing fetch on the beach and I explain how a severance pay negotiation works.  You can read more about severance negotiation tactics below the video.

How to Get a Better Severance Package

In order to improve your severance package, you need to understand what your company wants from you.  In a severance situation, your company wants you to cooperate and leave quietly.  A severance package is simply an offer to purchase your cooperation.   In most cases, it pays to cooperate and obtain the severance package that is offered.  But if you suspect that your rights have been violated at work, you might be able to negotiate an enhanced package.

Don’t Cooperate if You Have a Potential Employment Claim

You can negotiate a better severance package if you have a viable employment claim.  If your employer has violated your rights, you can use that to negotiate a better severance package.  We have increased severance pay offers many times over by threatening employment litigation.  But this only works if the claim is viable.

Most employment claims today involve some kind of employment discrimination.  

If you were fired, demoted, or otherwise denied employment benefits due to a disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or national origin, you might have a claim.  

Other common workplace wrongs involve firing an employee for taking or requesting family or medical leave, reporting employment discrimination or sexual harassment, or complaining about wage violations such as the denial of overtime pay.  

If you suspect any kind of foul play, it pays to contact our New York severance lawyers

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

Many employment law firms today offer telephone consultations.  

At our firm, you can call us and tell us about your situation and we will let you know if we think you have a claim.   

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Robert Ottinger is an employment attorney who focuses on representing executives and employees in employment disputes. Before starting his firm, Robert slugged it out in courtrooms trying cases for the government. Robert served as a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice in Los Angeles and then as Assistant Attorney General for the New York Attorney General’s Office in Manhattan.

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