Business Expense Reimbursement for San Francisco Employees

Many San Francisco employees are required to commute between two or more work sites during the day.  This obligation raises several important issues that San Francisco employees should be aware of.  First, San Francisco employees are entitled to be reimbursed for all work related out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel related expenses, cell phone charges, meal and entertainment expenses, and tools.  These business expenses must be reimbursed if they are paid by the employee and are incurred in order to perform the employee’s job duties. Second, San Francisco employees are entitled to be paid for the time they spend commuting between work sites.

If you are being forced to pay for business expenses and are not getting reimbursed, you may have a claim. Contact the San Francisco employment lawyers at the Ottinger Firm to learn more about your rights to business expense reimbursement.

Some Examples:

Business Expense Reimbursement For Home Health Care Workers

A home health care worker begins her day at patient A’s house in Oakland.  The home health care worker then drives to patient B’s house which is half an hour away in San Francisco.

The home health care worker is entitled to be reimbursed for both the travel expenses incurred and for the time it takes to travel between work sites.  This means, the home health care worker should be reimbursed for the expenses incurred in driving from A to B, including mileage and tolls, and is also entitled to be paid for the half hour it takes to make the drive to San Francisco.

Many employers fail to pay travel expenses or for travel time. However, if you are required by your employer to travel between various work sites as part of your job duties, then you should be paid for that time.  Contact the Ottinger Firm to learn more about your right to expense reimbursement and travel time pay.

Business Expense Reimbursement for Outside Sales Associates

An outside sales associate for a radio station is required to use her own car to drive to various client meetings throughout the day.  The sales associate is also required to use her personal cell phone to make work calls and send work related emails and texts.

The outside sales associate, is entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred in driving to her various clients.  She is also entitled to reimbursement for cell phone related expenses.  A recent California Court of Appeal decision found that employers must reimburse employees for work-related phone calls made on personal cell phones or face liability. The outside sales associate may also be entitled to reimbursement of meal and other entertainment expenses incurred as part of the sales process.

San Francisco employees are not  required pay for work related expenses.  If you are being forced to pay for work related expenses, then contact the Ottinger Firm to learn about your rights to business expense reimbursement.

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