If you are a Union Employee, contact your Union Representative.

Due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), Union Employees are not “at-will” employees, unlike most private-sector employees. This protects Union Members with rights other employees do not have. But because of the CBA, private attorneys are not allowed to represent Union Members in negotiations with their employer. Union clients must speak with their Union Representative in matters related to their employers.

The information, which can be found at WorkPlaceFairness HERE, details what the CBA prohibits:

  •  Management cannot reduce wages or change working conditions without first negotiating with the employees through their union representatives. Employees are entitled to vote on changes made to their contract.
  • Your contract is for a set period of time and cannot be changed at will by a notice or announcement.
  • There will be no favoritism or change of policy to suit the whim of management.
  • Your union enforces your contract to make sure the employer abides by the rules.
  • Your union enforces your contract through a grievance procedure in arbitration.