Contingency Lawyers for Employment Law Cases in California

contingency lawyers for employment law

Sometimes you need legal representation when handling a workplace issue.

If you are in that position, we imagine you already feel stuck financially, professionally, and emotionally.

But you shouldn’t feel stuck when it comes to getting an attorney.

Hiring an experienced employment attorney who works on contingency can free you from some of the financial stress of an employment dispute while you receive good representation. 

What Are Contingency Employment Lawyers? 

Many experienced labor and employment lawyers work on contingency.

Paying employment and labor law attorneys on contingency means that you don’t have to pay them for their work unless they win in your legal dispute.

These attorneys normally receive a percentage of the compensation you win in a legal proceeding or a settlement.

If this payment structure works best for you in an employment dispute, you should ask attorneys about the option during any initial consultations. 

What Should I Look for in a Contingency Fee Arrangement?

Whether you’re looking to pay a discrimination attorney, a wage and hour attorney, or a wrongful termination attorney on contingency, there are basic characteristics to look for when negotiating the arrangement.

Any attorney you hire for an employment law issue should be willing to negotiate with you about the terms of the arrangement and put them in writing.

Under California law, a contract to hire an employment attorney on contingency must cover the following matters:

  • The contingency fee rate you and the attorney agree you will pay; 
  • Information about how you and your attorney will handle disbursements and legal and administrative costs connected to your representation; 
  • Information about how much you might have to pay (if anything) for related legal matters that aren’t covered by your contingency fee agreement; and
  • A statement that the contingency fee is not set by law and is negotiable between you and the attorney.

Please note that your contingency fee agreement can have more terms than this if you and your attorney want that.

Also, please note that there are additional requirements for contingency fee agreements for representation in healthcare disputes. 

When you’re contracting to pay an employment attorney or a wrongful termination attorney contingency fees, the contract negotiation process should be clear.

There should also be plenty of communication. If you and your attorney agree that you don’t pay for their work until they win, you should still know what financial obligations to expect before you win any settlements or court awards.

You have probably experienced enough unpleasant surprises with your employer. There shouldn’t be unpleasant financial surprises when you’re paying your attorney. 

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Robert Ottinger is an employment attorney who focuses on representing executives and employees in employment disputes. Before starting his firm, Robert slugged it out in courtrooms trying cases for the government. Robert served as a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice in Los Angeles and then as Assistant Attorney General for the New York Attorney General’s Office in Manhattan.

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