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Employment Lawyer Robert Ottinger Has the Answer

non compete agreement ny

“The Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman about a year ago declared war on non-compete agreements.

In his view non-compete agreements are being overused and abused by so many companies that it’s leaving a huge amount of people in New York left under the misimpression that they’re bound by a non-compete agreement and this really limits their ability to move between companies.

Now according to the Attorney General, the only people who legitimately can be bound by a non-compete agreement are those few people who have access to trade secrets at the company or have some kind of unique skill that they acquired at that company.

Those people can be bound by a non-compete agreement but it doesn’t cover almost everyone else out there.

If you’re a rank-and-file normal employee at a company and you’re bound by a non-compete agreement and you want to move to another company the odds are you probably can, because even though you sign that non-compete agreement and your company may say they’re going to enforce it, what they may not know is that if they do they run the risk of the attorney general’s office coming after them and prosecuting them because they’ve already done it at three other companies.

This is kind of isn’t known by too many people because it didn’t get much publicity, but if you’re out there right now and you’re struggling with a non-compete agreement there’s a powerful tool, the attorney general’s office that can be used to crush that non-compete agreement.

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